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2017 All American Quarter Horse Congress Judges Announced

The judges for the 51st annual All American Quarter Horse Congress, held October 3-29, 2017, have been announced by the Ohio Quarter Horse Association.

Rick Baker

Christa Baldwin

Dean Bogart

Brenda Brown

Tony Burris

Butch Campbell

Mike Carter

Clay Farrell

Buddy Fisher

Tanya Green

Rebecca Halvorson

Mike Hay

Joe Hayes

Randy Jacobs

Leslie Lange

Larry Little

Pete McAlister

Donald McDuffee

Jeff Mellott

Robert Meneely

Allen Mitchels

Jennifer Powell Fryer

Andrea Simons

Chris Thompson

Betsy Tuckey

Bruce Walquist

NCHA Judges

Arthur Jackson

Kenny Pugh, Jr.

Shane Stovall


The All American Quarter Horse Congress is the world’s largest single-breed horse show, with 23,500 entries in 2016. Held at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, the show attracts 650,000 people, and generates $275 million in the central Ohio economy. The All American Quarter Horse Congress is hosted by the Ohio Quarter Horse Association, a state affiliate of the American Quarter Horse Association. For more information, visit

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