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This policy provides coverage for death of an animal resulting from accident, injury, sickness and disease. It also provides coverage in the event that destruction for humane reasons is necessary. Theft coverage is included at no additional charge. 


**Emergency colic surgery coverage is automatically included for 50-60% (varies by company) of the limit of the insured animal or maximum of $2,500 - $3,000 (varies by company). Post-operative care is not to exceed 50-100% (varies by company) days of treatment from the time of the insured emergency colic surgery. This coverage also includes third party emergency transportation not to exceed $300. Please be advised if horse has suffered colic, impaction or torsion in the 12 months prior to effective date coverage does not apply**


The major exclusions found in the Equine Full Mortality policy are neglect of an animal, intentional destruction, war and nuclear explosion. Please note: Some companies requires that your horse be given the West Nile Vaccination in order for coverage to apply. Be sure to speak to your respresentative if you have any concerns. 



Normally, your horse can be insured in an amount equal to its purchase price. Further increases in value can be justified by show, race, performance or breeding records. Stallions used for breeding only are valued based on a formula involving the number of mares bred, times his stud fee, times a factor of 3. The value of homebred foals is determined by a factor of 3 times the sire's stud fee. Please keep in mind that the policies are written on an Agreed Value basis so the company and the policy holder agree on the insured value before the policy is written.


Rates and Premium

Rates are determined by breed of horse, age, use and value. Our minimum premium of $300 applies per policy. Some companies have a minimum premium per horse. You may put more than one horse on a policy to satisfy the minimum premium. The minimum premium is fully earned in the event of cancellation.



If your horse is sick, hurt, dies, is stolen or is going to require surgery, you must notify the insurance company at the toll free number listed on your policy. In the event of a death claim, the company will require that you submit information such as a bill of sale, cancelled check, registration papers and/or show/breeding/race records. 


Guranteed Extension of Coverage

This coverage provide that in the event of a condition occurring and reported during the coverage period, Full Mortalilty coverage will automatically continue for up to 12 months from the expiration date for that specific condition. 







The Major Medical coverage endorsement is an addition to the Full Mortality policy. This coverage cannot be purchased alone. After a deductible of $250 - $350 per claim (varies by company), this coverage will pay all reasonable and customary charges of a licensed veterinarian which are necessitated by accident, illness, disease, or injury occurring during this policy period of insurance no later than 30 days after the expiration date of the policy or the mortality coverage period of the insured horse. Please note: veterinarian call fees are excluded in this coverage. 



The limits of coverage available are $5,000, $7,500, $10,000, and $15,000. Some restrictions to limits may apply depending on the insured value of the animal. 



The deductible applies each and every claim or reoccurrence thereof made during the period of insurance for each occurrence of an accident, illness, injury, disease or surgical procedure. 


Common Policy Exclusions - Varies by company

  1. Any undisclosed condition of the horse or any condition excluded by the policy or by any endorsement of a policy to which the endorsement is attached. 

  2. Any elective surgery and/or procedures including but not limited to castration, caslicks, cosmetic procedures, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture treatment, aquatred, whirlpool, treadmill treatment, laser treatment and/or magnetic blanket treatment.

  3. Any claim as a result of malicious or willful injury and/or poisoning and/or gross negligence whether or not caused by the insured.

  4. Costs of transportation, veterinary travel, call charges.

  5. Costs associated with general maintenance of a healthy animal or performance enhancements (including injections).

  6. Any dental procedure. 

  7. Birth defects and/or congenital conditions such as (but not limited to) cryptorchidism, umbilical hernia, or corrective treatment such as contracted tendons whether evident or not at the effective dates of coverage for the insured horse. 

  8. Any post-mortem and/or necropsy procedure.

  9. Any horse used for racing or intended for racing.

  10. Any farrier services.


The age limit for coverage is 30 days - 15 years (varies by company)

In the event of cancellation, this premium may be fully earned (non-refundable)


Loss of Use 

Accident Sickness or Disease


Loss of Use coverage is available only as an addition to the Full Mortality policy and Major Medical endorsement. 

If during the policy the horse shall become totally and permanently unfit to perform the first use specified in the policy due to accident, injury, illness or disease, and destruction for humane reasons is not required, you may elect to make a claim (subject to policy exclusions). 

In the event of claim payment, the company does have the option of claiming the horse. Upon claim settlement, all coverage on the animal ceases and the premium is considered "fully earned" (non-refundable)

Rates and Premium

Rates: 3.0% - 4.0%      Returns: 50% - 60%   (Rates and returns vary by company)

To obtain coverage, the company will require a current vet exam with radiographs and in some cases, flexion tests. A clean drug screen may be required on animals value over $25,000. The age limit for coverage is 2-12 years. 

Eligibility for coverage is on a submission basis and must be approved by the company before coverage is effective. 

External Injury or Accidental Loss of Use


If during the policy the horse shall become totally and permanently unfit to perform the use specified in the policy due to a visible, external and accidental injury and does not require destruction for humane reasons, you may opt to make an External Injury Loss of Use claim


In the event that the company does pay an External Injury Loss of Use claim, they do have the option of claiming the horse. 

Rates and Premium

Rates: 2.0% - 2.25%    Returns: 50% - 75%   (Rates and returns vary by company)

Radiographs are not required to obtain this coverage. Contact an agent to determine if a vet exam is necessary. The age limit for coverage is 2-12 years. 

Eligibility for coverage is on a submission basis and must be approved by the company before coverage is effective. 


The average horse owner is not going to be standing a stallion but may buy a share in a new stallion and infertility insurance can be a good investment at for that first season.


Types of Coverage

• “ASD” - Permanent and total infertility caused by an Accident, Sickness or Disease which manifests itself during the policy period. Usually costs .5% to 1.0% per year. It can typically be added as an endorsement to either a Mortality or a First Season Infertility (FSI) policy. Most companies have similar policy wording.

• “FSI” - First Season Infertility coverage guarantees a new stallion will achieve a pre-agreed conception rate (typically 60%) during his first season at stud. The usual premium rate is between 5% and 6% of the insured value, depending on the expertise of the farm where the stallion will stand at stud, the breadth of coverage required and the total amount of coverage being purchased.

This coverage is not standard and is often custom-tailored to fit the needs of the stallion syndicate agreement or management preferences of the farm at which the stallion will stand at stud.

The determination of infertility is, by its very nature, imprecise and subject to interpretation. It is rarely a “dead or alive” issue like in mortality coverage. 

It is imperative to tie the breeding contract and/or syndicate agreement to the terms of the FSI policy to alleviate problems for the stallion syndicate manager.

Key Policy Differences in First Season Stallion
Infertility Coverage

• Rollover vs. Non-Rollover -- A “Rollover” policy is one where the company has the option to not pay the claim after the first year if it looks like the stallion can improve and reach the agreed fertility percentage in the second year.

A “Rollover” policy puts the depreciation risk on the stallion owner(s) rather than the company. Even if the stallion does improve infertility the second year, the first foal crop will be small, thereby diminishing the stallion’s chance of success as a stud.

“Rollover” policies are particularly onerous for lower valued stallions (up to $10,000 stud fee). Mare owners will not risk their mares to a subfertile stallion unless there is a way to create a “bargain” by reducing the stud fee the second year. With a lesser valued stallion, one cannot drop the stud fee far enough to get quality mares the second year.

• Withdrawal of Mares Prior to End of Breeding Season - In most cases, a really fertile stallion will get 1 pregnancy for every 1.25 to 2.0 matings. A subfertile stallion will get 1 pregnancy out of every 5 to 10 matings. Obviously, in close calls, the underwriter will require that the mares remain available to be bred until the end of the breeding season.

This could cause conflict with the mare owners who will want to switch to a more fertile stallion so the mare will not be barren, or who simply don’t want a foal that will be born late in the next breeding season.

Under some policy provisions, withdrawal of mares without providing “substitutes acceptable to the insurance company” can void the policy.

Some insurance companies offer an optional endorsement offered at extra-cost whereby mares covered in 3 breeding cycles (other than the foal heat) can be withdrawn and still count against the stallion in the fertility calculation. This means that a maiden mare which is first bred in mid-February could be “excused” from the stallion’s book by early April (and still count in the fertility calculation as a not pregnant mare).

The protection you need for commercial stable activities are vital for stable owners, trainers, instructors and for others in the equine business. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Boarding

  • Breeding

  • Clinics

  • Horse Events (Sales and Shows)

  • Private Lessons

  • Riding Academies

  • Riding Clubs

Note: Release of Liability and Boarding/Training Contract required (samples available). Include your states Equine Liability statute on forms and posted in stables and arenas.

Equine Commercial Stable Liability


A popular coverage for stable owners, breeders, and trainers, this provides for legal liability in the event a horse not owned by you dies or is injured in the care, custody or control of the insured policy holder. It also extends to include travel from the facility for a radius of 100 miles for the purpose of showing, training, breeding or boarding. Under this policy, payment for defense of the insured and any additional expenses regarding a lawsuit will also be paid. This policy is not subject to any deductibles and the transit limitation of 100 miles may be extended throughout the continental United States and Canada. This coverage may be included with a commercial equine stable liabiity policy or may be written as a stand alone policy. 


Riding Club Liability 

This policy is designed to provide liability coverage for equine member organizations and their public event days. Public event days are those activities in which non-members participate or to which the general public is invited. Groups wishing to protect themselves from liability may obtain coverage under this policy with limits up to $1,000,000. The basic policy provides for any combination of up to seven event days for liability in which the group is legally obligated to pay in respect to property damage and/or bodily injury occuring on the insured premises. Coverage is available in $300,000, $500,000 and $1,000,000 amounts. The premium is based on the number of members and the number of days for which coverage is required. 


Farm Umbrella / Excess Liability 

Farm Umbrella Insurance is a valuable coverage to provide higher liability limits than your primary policies: Farm Personal, and/or Commercial Liability, Commercial Farm Auto and Other Underlying Insurance. The Farm Umbrella is available to individuals, partnerships or other organizations for which Folck Insurance writes the underlying insurance. You can now protect your assets with comprehensive and flexible coverage from one of the leaders in Equine Insurance. 

The policy covers the insured's liability for damages due to bodily injury sustained by another and property damage to tangible property of others that arise out of the insured premises and the personal, farming and commercial farm or stable activities and related operations of the insured.


 Farmowners Package

The Farmowners/Stableowners Policy can cover the Dwelling(s), Contents, Outbuilding(s) Scheduled Farm Personal Property, Blanket Farm Personal Property and Liability limits up to $1,000,000 all in one package policy. Several deductible options are available in addition to your choice of Perils.

This policy covers:

  • Dwelling (provide photos)

  • Household Personal Property

  • Inland Marine

  • Scheduled Farm Personal Property

  • Blanket Farm Personal Property

  • Farm Structures & Outbuildings (photos)

  • Farm Liability (on/off the farm)

Other Coverages Include:

  • New construction of Farm Buildings

  • Fire Legal Liability (up to $50,000)

  • Custom Farming 

  • Cab Glass on Mobile Machinery

  • Pollutant clean up and removal

  • Newly acquired machinery

  • ATV/Golfcart Liability 


Claims Information

Equine Claims Information 


How to contact us:


859-223-6728 Office

937-605-0726 Denise Cell

937-605-0725 Tim Cell


Equine Mortality Policy

Call 1-800-331-0211 or Misty Hunter 352-207-3810 if your policy is with Great American Insurance Company.

Call 402-779-6770 Nate Monigal if your policy is with Hartford Livestock.

Call 1-859-539-8880, Mare Patton if your policy is with Pratetorian Insurance 

Call 1-800-365-0398, Richard Ketch (Cell) 859-263-2061 if your policy is with American Bankers Insurance Company.


Please try to have your policy number and veterinarian’s phone number available for the company’s claim representative when you call.

Prompt notification of an illness, injury, theft or death of an animal is required according to the conditions of your policy. Failure to do so could adversely affect your coverage or the eligibility of a claim. Instructions and phone numbers for the company claims adjusters are provided with your policy. In case of an emergency, company adjustors are available 24 hours a day. If you have questions or need assistance, you may call a Folck Insurance representative during office hours.


Basic Guidelines for Animal and Equine Claims Information:

  • If you need to call a veterinarian to examine or treat your horse, report the incident at once.

  • Permission for elective surgery (such as castration) must be obtained in advance. Contact Folck Insurance to add coverage to your policy.

  • Emergency surgery (to save the life of the animal) can proceed on the advice of your veterinarian if there is not time to call the company claims adjuster. In this case, notify the adjustor as soon as possible.

  • Permission must be obtained to euthanize an animal. If it is an emergency situation, consent is not required if the attending veterinarian states that immediate euthanasia is necessary to prevent inhumane suffering.

  • An autopsy and post-mortem examination at the owner’s expense must be obtained.

  • Call police is cases of theft, shooting or vehicular involvement.


Farmowners Or Liability Policy

                                                   Call 1-859-223-6728 Office 937-605-0725 Tim; 859-396-6728 Chris



Notify Folck Insurance Agency/Marnitz and Associates (see above) as soon as you can of any loss or any incident. Provide policy number and name of the Insured as well as a contact name and phone number for a call back if needed.

Property Damage: If at all possible, secure the damaged property in order to prevent further damage. In the case of theft, a police report will be required.
779-6770 Nate  If there is an incident involving third party bodily injury or property damage, obtain all the specific facts and/or written reports pertaining to the incident and forward to Folck Insurance immediately by fax or email.


Call 800-321-6833 or 800-252-4633 for Travelers Agribusiness Insurance Claims

Call 800-245-1505 or 800-365-0398 for American Bankers/American Reliable Insurance



All Other Policies

Contact Us for claim filing information on all other types of insurance you have placed with our agency or if you have any questions on claims procedures.


Equine Event Insurance

Including Horse Shows 

Commercial Liability insurance is available on an annual basis or on a short term policy for single horse shows and certain other equestrian events such as clinics that are open to the public. This can also be known as spectator Liability. Coverage includes protection for the show organization, premise owner and show officials. The horse show insurance policy period for shows normally includes a day for move-in and a day for move-out, if needed, in addition to the actual show dates.  


Equipment Tack Floater

The Equipment Tack Floater policy provides Named Peril Coverage for tack and other horse-related items. Rates are based on 3% of the value of the tack which includes saddles, bridles and other riding equipment. Deductible applies. 



Covered perils: theft, smoke, windstorm, tornado, earthquake, explosion, riot/civil commotion, fire, lightning, a collapse of bridge or culverts, hail, flood and objects falling from aircraft. 


You can add this policy to your Farmowners policy. 


Horse Owners

This policy provides coverage for the private horse owner whether the insured's horses are at home, a stable or a show/event. It will cover the owner of the horse in the event of a law suit for bodily injury to a person or property damage directly caused by your animal. This policy will defend and pay claims made against you for which you may be legally liable during the policy period. The limits of liability are a choice of $300,000, $500,000 or $1,000,000 for a reasonable yearly premium.

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